Acrylic Painting w/Resin Pour

How to–texture and depth with Acrylic Paint and using a resin pour. Art by Jesica

With this painting, I did heavy acrylic paint (I prefer Acrylic–I am a time crunch gal, so I am all about quick drying–I mean come on, I have a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old!) to really create heavy texture and show dimension. I did multi-layer textures one on top of the other–and tried to show harsh direction versus allowing blending. Then on top of that, while still wet, I added gold leaf specs.

I allowed the painting to dry overnight. Then I used the epoxy/hardener solution as a glaze. I still used heat to allow it to properly sit, but I did not use the air for blending since the paint was already dry. What I found was neat about this style–to the eye the texture and depth is still very vivid, but to the touch it is smooth.

Trick/Tip– Be aware of humidity and temperature when using epoxy/hardener. If humid or cold, wait a few days as it will make drying completely difficult. OR allow the painting to dry in a controlled environment. (again–I have children… boys at that… Meaning? There is no controlled environment, so the garage is where I have to allow my projects to dry, so for me, being mindful of the weather is very necessary.)

Art by Jesica- How it turned out– Acrylic Painting w/resin pour

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