Bubble Fun! Great watercolor painting project to do with children.

If you have kids’ paints, paper, dishsoap, and a straw try this quick project with your kids—bc what child doesn’t love blowing bubbles! Takes maybe 10 minutes, perfect amount of time for a child’s attention span (clean up is even easier) then dry over night.

Wahhhh-lahhh, you have your homemade stationary and/or invitations.

CLICK HERE to see my how-to video

1) Collect necessary tools–dish soap, small bowl or cup, paint (can be acrylic or watercolors, water, brush (nothing fancy), straw, paper, and PAPER TOWELS.

2) Add soap to water. Add some paint. Mix together so you have “colored soap water” (Yes, this is a very technical term).

3) Use the straw and blow bubbles!!!

4) Get the bubbles to the paper. A lot of videos I saw the places the paper on top of the bubbles…this did not work for me. I put my paper against the bowl and bubble level and pushed the bubbles over.

5) Add some drops of the paint water on top of the bubbles so it can roll down and create the almost honeycomb appearance.

6) Allow the paper to dry over night.

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