Just Jes

In high school, I loved taking art classes, but my all-time favorite was pottery and wheel throwing. In college, I didn’t pursue any art classes, instead, I continue painting and crafting as a way of reducing stress while studying business and marketing. Why? 1) College was expensive! And I was too in debt to take “fun” classes. 2) I wasn’t embracing my “artsiness”–I was trying to hard to appear “normal.” (What fun is that?!?)

Now, I am a full-time mother, with a more than “full-time” career with “Director” in the title. Why do I mention this? To be successful, I have had to find a way to balance. To balance the demands of a career, of being a mother, a wife, a daughter, friend, and still being able to find time TO BE ME. (And adult me doesn’t care about “appearances” like college me did–I am so grateful to be grown up with true confidence! First step to loving yourself is embracing your talents and being excited about what sets you apart.)

I am a “giver” which means most often I try taking care of everyone else– I want to give those that I love gifts from the heart. I want to spend time with my kids, I want to give my husband a beautiful home, and I want to do all of these things without causing a negative financial impact on my family. So what have I done to accomplish this?

By creating…

By painting a picture for a friend as a “thank you” or “I love you” when they inspire me.

By researching some creative ways of using water paints, then taking those ideas and creating personalized stationery.

By hand-crafting jewelry for my friends with words of strength to remind them of the positive ways that they impact my life daily.

By writing and publishing a children’s book to share my late brother’s story so that he lives on– while trying to honor my mother and her impact on our lives by encouraging us to dream and to be excited about the wonderful possibilities of each and every day.

By creating, instead of buying, a picture frame or art for our home by utilizing pallets or old boards from past projects. And instead of paying someone to paint our home–yes, I paint it myself.

Why? Because by doing it myself I am giving to those I love. It has more meaning because it took more effort. And by giving from the heart, it also allows me to find balance. As any mother knows, it is when I am the most balanced that I can perform at my best. I have heard it said before, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

Please, join me on my journey– know it isn’t all about painting. You will find crafting stuff, work stuff, inspirational stuff, yes, some painting stuff, yoga stuff, probably some wine stuff, mom stuff, tribe stuff (tribe is more than friends, but not blood related–it is the best of the best that you can surround yourself with–I encourage you to find and hold on to at LEAST one of these amazing people), journaling stuff, and more.

This is me being me. I am not perfect. NOT EVEN CLOSE! So feel free to disagree with some of my ideas. Feel free to email me suggestions or maybe how something you worked on turned out. I’d love to hear suggestions about something new and fun to try.


Much love,


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