Project Gallery

Water Lilly- 30” x 30” acrylic painting with epoxy topcoat and gold leaf accents. $400
Midnight Festivities-30in x 30in x 1.5in-$450
Kiss Me in the Rain- 24in x 24in x 1.5in-$400
Mini housewarming gifts- 4in x 4in x 1.5in mini block-$20, 10in x 10in x 1in welcome sign $40, 10in x 12in x 1in quote $40.
“Winter to Spring” 18in x 24in x 1in- $275
“Blinded by Tears” 16”x20”x1” $275
“Way Maker” 18in x 24in x 1in- $175
Unavailable-Psalms 1: 1-3- 18in wood burning
Moonlight Dancing-18”x24”- $150
Layers of Development-36”x36” -$450
“Calmly Letting Go”-$475- 30”x30”x1.5”
“Parting the Water” $550- available—2) 24”x36” canvass’s-acrylic painting with gold leaf accents epoxy/resin coating.
Unavailable- $350–Acrylic layered painting—navy and gold with subtle additions of pink. As requested by my fantastic sister-in-law. 18”x 24” with resin/epoxy coating, embellished with gold leaf.
“Layered Development”Click for video viewing Unavailable—$450- 48”x60” transformation of many paintings over paintings…until something I loved was created.
Unavailable/Donated- Graceful- $150-16×20 acrylic painting with gold leaf topped with epoxy/resin.
Unavailable/Donated-Frozen-$250-26×30-layered acrylic with subtraction-added glass and mica, epoxy/resin coat.
“Summer Sunset”-$225- 18”x24”x1” acrylic with pebble accents on shore, topped with epoxy/resin.
Unavailable-$375-30in x 40in earth tones with glass pebble and gold leaf accents
“Norfork Memories” -$500- 24”x48” acrylic with resin/epoxy coating.
Copper and Gold multi-piece collage- unavailable—$375–6) 12×12, 1) 12×24, 4) 4×4
Unavailable – $75-12in x 12in acrylic and resin painting
Heavy Reflections-$325– 24”x36”x1” heavy texture topped with some gold leaf accents and resin pour!
Unavailable- $225-48in x 60in heavy texture, multilayered depth, accented with stones and gold leaf, topped with resin pour.
Sunday project-pink, grey, and gold leaf acrylic painting
Thank you Taylor for allowing me to customize one of my paintings for your home.
Handmade picture hanging
Sometime then kiddos need a little something their style.
Wooden pallet wall decor
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